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Wow, libbylindy, that sounds like the ultimate outdoor kitchen!! And here I was picturing a basic propane heating element and a few tables. I am so jealous, it’s my dream to have a setup like that some day! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting some type of shed that can be converted, but I’ll need to put a lot more research into it first.

And MountainBiker, that’s a fantastic idea to stock up on baby supplies! Most of the kids in our immediate group are toddlers and can eat adult foods, but just in case I put away a very basic supply of a couple of cans of powdered formula mix (not a great shelf life, but when it’s within a month of expiration I take it to a local women’s shelter to keep a fresh rotation), BPA-free bottles and nipples, diaper rash ointment, and baby powder. The baby powder and ointment can also be used by adults with any sort of heat rash, and if not used in a SHTF scenario the baby items are worth a lot as trading items.

Today I focused on stocking up on more dry items. A few weeks ago I finally ordered some gallon-sized bags and 300cc oxygen absorbers on Amazon to try it. Last night was my first “test run” using them, and now I want to kick myself for waiting so long to do it. Many thanks to Freedom, Whirlibird and Tweva for the excellent tips, ALL of my bags appear to have sealed successfully. I tried two each of elbow macaroni, Great Northern Beans, and rice. After checking them this morning they had the “vacuum seal” look to each package. Oh it’s ON now…

Does anyone here have experience sealing Rolled Oats? Any special tips you can provide? I like the fact that rolled oats have a dual use and can be cooked as-is or ground into flour.