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Yes I got the email this morning ,
10MeV Proton/PCA Event Began 11 09 2014 0215UT and is in progress
Casey 30Mhz Riometer Data at time of Issue:
Casey 0.6 dB

At http://www.ips.gov.au/ You can get on there email list for free and they will send you alerts.
“Low to Moderate solar flare activity with a chance of High activity. Coronal mass ejection effects possible within the next 12-36 hours resulting in Light to Very Strong solar wind and geomagnetic conditions ranging from Unsettled to Minor storm levels. Short-wave radio fadeouts possible. High-frequency radio communications normal at all latitudes. Aurora sightings possible from southern Australian regions for 11Sep-13Sep. ”

http://spaceweather.com/ has some great information too!