I’ve been thinking a lot about your words the last few day’s. I’ve realized that I am not working towards leaving like some of my friends. I can clearly see all the signs. The police not being able to control the crime, fighting a loosing battle. People battling to keep the economy going with other people breaking it down.

In Part the Afrikaner blood in me do not want to give up the fight for our beautiful country. And with fighting, I do not mean other people… Somehow I want to see the animals and the trees and mountains survive. What will be left standing if we all leave. The animals will be eaten and the trees chopped up for firewood. We’ve got a saying – “Boer maak ‘n plan!” We really do not just give up during hardship. We keep on trying to fix things.

Time is running out. Driving out my big gate this morning I looked into the faces of two black men. They just stood there with blank faces. I was prepared if they would move towards me… looking at the hands. How does it feel to really know you are safe? And Tweva’s question – When was the last time you felt safe? I’ve been thinking about it for some time now. I think when I was little I always felt safe. Maybe about 20 years ago.

It is time to let go. HE is in control.

Example of killings in townships. It only takes one person to scream something like Rapist – for a whole mop to form within seconds, woman, children will join men in the kill.