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Leopard, none of this is easy and I feel so sorry for your situation. What has happened to SA is a tragedy. I understand that there is an economic and probably career price to be paid to exit SA, but there is possibly an ever bigger price to be paid staying there. Throughout history immigrants have given up what they had for some combination of safety, freedom, or opportunity for themselves and for their kids. Obviously I don’t know your particular situation and so I am talking in general terms, but it is safe to say that the situation in SA is likely to get worse, not better. If you have family that have already left, you can use that as your initial stop. At a minimum I would start looking into immigration laws of various countries…..the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most anywhere in Europe. Another possibility, hard though it may be to even consider, would be whether at least your kids could go stay with relatives abroad until you were ready to leave yourself. Good luck to you.