Jay, here they will murder you, your elderly parents and small children without taking anything from you. The easiest kill are in townships being in a group – stoning and burning their victim. On farms they will take their time torturing, I think mostly because they hate white people. I do not think those murders are committed by local farm workers.

In the cities they kill for your cellphone. They will brake through the burglar bars for a Laptop, your vehicle or television. They will kill males victims and gang rape females. In the last two months the groups breaking into residential areas are getting bigger. About six men in a group. Turning the odds against two armed response security officers. The groups robbing business centers up to 12 men.

There is a steady flow of white people moving to the Cape out of Gauteng. White people stay and work together in areas that are like islands, getting smaller. Many people that wants to leave but being born here not able to. Our Rand not very strong against the Euro and Dollar. You need to be have a lot of money, very good qualifications that are in need overseas; experience and the right age. With the world on the other side looking after their own citizens first with unemployment rates going up.

“tribalism overrules any logic, reason or common sense”