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Amanda, I have not posted pictures but I will describe it. It was a breezeway that we used for storage of JUNK, JUNK, JUNK!!! It is about 14 feet wide and about 30 feet long. All it needed was ends put on it. We enclosed it with metal siding like the shop that is on one side. It was stuff that was scrounged. Almost everything in it is scrounged or garage saled, except for the Expedition 3 and Expedition 2 that we got at Costco a few years ago. Our neighbor gave us her old propane tank (about 250 gal.) so we have propane. I had an upright freezer. Some friends were moving out of the country so we were given an old, rusting small chest freezer, a small upright freezer and a full sized refrigerator from them. Score!! We had cabinets that we had removed from a demolition house that were put into usage. We tiled the countertop with leftover tile from tiling the floor of our house. The floor is concrete. My husband built me a series of metal shelving – again from scrounged material. We had an old metal table with a stainless steel top that my husband acquired at an auction. That is my work table. With all the pieces of odds and ends – a few things I haven’t mentioned – I was able to get a kitchen. I have a hot/cold running water sink – sink again was one sitting around outside. Where we got it, I don’t know! It was just there. On one end I have window openings in the wall that have no glass – only screens for ventilation.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the best part. Several years ago we bought Big Bertha, my wood cook stove. That is on the end with the windows and all we have to do is put in a chimney. I hope to learn to can on it because it may be all I have if SHTF. The propane will eventually get used up.

Previously, I have canned outside. I live in Texas where the sun is brutal and with the added heat of canning, it was pretty hard to do. I won’t can in the house because I don’t want to have to heat it up with canning, then pay to air condition it. That makes canning very expensive. When the wind would blow, often at 30-45 mph, I had a hard time keeping my flame under the canners consistent. Add rain on top of that, and canning was a challenge. I did it, but I am so blessed to now have a place that is under cover. No A/C, but that is OK. My garden is at my fingertips and I am one happy canner lady.