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Of course my canning kitchen is finished and in use now. What a blessing! It sits right beside the garden, so it is perfect. This past week we are putting the finishing touches on our new hoop coop. It will house the new baby chickens – 12 – that are now residing in the living room till they get big enough to handle the elements outside. The mama chicken that is so broody, was scheduled to be their mama, but she wanted nothing to do with it all, so now I am the Chicken Mama. Oh well, I am that anyway to the big girls so it is only an extension of my ongoing duties. Along with housing the chickens, it will serve as a greenhouse for my tender trees – lemon, lime, orange and avocado. Now we have a tarp over the top of the hoop coop for shade and weather protection, which will disappear in the winter and the entire structure will be covered with clear plastic to let in light and keep out the cold. As the trees mature, they will provide shade and we won’t need the summer cover. The entire structure – sides and top – is covered with chicken wire. It is only 12×16, so it is a tiny building, but it will do for a dozen chickens who just need a place to roost at night and a place to keep warm and dry and lay eggs and eat. It will do the job. Other than that, the chicks can go outside and play when they choose to do that. They have a chicken door between the yard and the hoop coop. My last baby chicks arrived in the mail this past week, so time is of the essence to get this coop done!