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Thank you tweva! I hadn’t thought about shade cloth. Where I worked, the cafeteria was a huge greenhouse of sorts which was great for winter solar gain but in the summer it had shade cloth on it which helped reduce the air conditioning costs.

I bought those auto openers too for the louvers, but have removed them until such point as I find louvers that are more rugged than the ones I bought. There was just a mismatch of some sort despite both coming from the same company (Hall). The auto openers seem to be of decent quality but the louvers are flimsy if you ask me. Come cold weather I will just manually shut the louvers at the end of each day. I wish I had running water but I cheaped out and didn’t spend the money to run a line out there. The line would have to be drained and blown out at the end of each season anyway which is easier said than done, especially using my no power available criteria. We used to have a sprinkler system and in ground pool at a former home and both required the underground lines be blown out before winter,and so I am familiar with the process.