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This week I figured out why the tomatoes in my new greenhouse haven’t done well this summer. Its too hot in there for them. The other items I’ve been experimenting with seem fine…bell peppers, broccolli, chard, & strawberries. I have lights and outlets in there for current convenience but no powered exhaust fans being all of my preps assume no electricity. What I have for ventilation is two sets of louvers each on the east and west sides (one set low and the other set high), a ridge vent, a door that opens into the adjoining potting shed where I keep 4 windows open, plus the structure is a few inches off the ground with pressure treated wood flooring, with small spaces between the boards that allow some air to come in. Plenty of natural ventilation but the structure gets full sun all day. I also picked a crate of apples to set aside for the 1st batch of cider & vinegar that I will make in a couple weeks.

Last week I planted 3 blueberry bushes, 5 cranberry bushes, an elderberry bush, a 3rd plum tree, and 10 strawberry plants as part of my “keep planting different things to see what does well here” approach. I also bought various gardening supplies to use over the next few years.

Tomorrow I am going to go shopping for baby supplies….food, formula (if daughter were ill and couldn’t breast feed), diapers, and such. I have mountains of preps set aside, including for my son’s dog, but I don’t have anything for my daughter’s babies. It is far from assured that they’d be able to make it up to VT from NC, but I should be prepared for babies nonetheless.