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1) Today was prepping the fields and gardens for spring day. Seeded the last of the property with Tillage Radish. Have been doing this for about 4 years. I mow short, broadcast spread and until a few hard frosts happen, fields are green as heck. They have deep roots, break up and aerate the soil, allow for better moisture penetration and best – as a cover crop – they rot in the soil over hard winter and you don’t have to till them under. I found a picture on my ext hard drive of one of the smaller radish from last year after the second light snow. Pulled it to show someone. See below

2) Installed solar LED lights in the hobby green house and worked with a friend to get the last of the framing for a home made high tunnel for the winter growing season I am going to try and heat some with a smallish outdoor wood furnace type deal with the pipes under the soil in the high tunnel.Hopefully in the next week we get the cover on it.

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