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Just speaking to whirlibird’s comment about having to use the same script with everyone, we can thank the lawyer industry for that one. It is the same thing behind all of the zero tolerance issues in schools and elsewhere. Most people understand when and how to apply common sense and how to differentiate between big issues vs minor issues, but the attorneys for the folks with big issues have learned how to blur the distinction to the point that kids get kicked out of school for eating Pop Tarts into the shape of a gun. I sympathize with whirlibird on that one but it does not justify at all taking someone’s money when you can’t even articulate what crime it is that they have supposedly committed, let alone having any evidence that they did. I’d rather Congress just pass a law that it is illegal to have more than X amount of cash. Wrong as that may be at least we’d know what the rules are.

Let’s just say I have $5,000 cash as a cushion should I wake up one day to a bank holiday or regional grid down situation. The police take it and now I have to publicly out myself as a prepper if I want to pursue getting my money back. Even if I mounted my own defense without the expense of an attorney, I will still have lost even if I got my money back because the whole community now knows of my prepper status, let alone the local druggies who now know which house to break into to find some ready cash.