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Keeping any money in the bank is crazy, this is away for them to force you into putting it there so one day the bank an have a holiday issue you “stock” take your money and on opening the stock drops to 0 due to a (insert the blank issue). Now called a bail in.

The police taking money to be “secure” and need to show your receipt… why not ask for receipt of the car and the jewelry you are wearing, the phone and your clothes?

Easy way around this but cost a few dollars go to a lawyer get an exemption to carry cash. They cant ask for more than the permit after that it is none of their business. the one time they did try to keep it, it cost them a huge settlement. When they did take the money for safe keeping when i got it returned the bill count was wrong the amount was shorted a few thousand… upstanding police service. The permit also allows you to put in large cash deposits at the bank but be scrupulous with your taxes they will come and check.