It doesn’t matter if you “know” dude is a scumbag. Being a scumbag isn’t against the law.

It only matters what you can prove.

Thanks to overzealous lawmakers, complicit DA’s and go-along-to-get-along cops, you have to prove you legally own something in order to get it back from the cops who took it at gunpoint, under color of law.

What’s that you say? NOT “at gunpoint”?

Thought experiment. You rent a car in Cincinnati and you’re going to drive to Kansas City with the firm intention of buying something large and expensive. Let’s say, some type of rare car or another. You got a bagful of cash because you’re sure you can get a better deal that way. It’s in the trunk.

30 miles outside KC, you’re stopped by Officer Safety. He set up a speed trap and, even though you were only going 5 over the speed limit, he spotted your rental plates. While he sets you up with the normal questions that violate the 5th Amendment (Do you know how fast you were going?), he asks to search your car. You, being the upstanding American you are, flatly refuse because rights still exist in this country.

He calls in his friends and the drug sniffing dog which, on his word, “alerts” to something in your car. You, handcuffed and sitting on the curb, you didn’t see the dog do anything, but Officer Safety says he did, sooo…

The search reveals your bag of cash. They say “You need to prove you got this legally to get it back” and take your hard-earned cash. You, not knowing they can legally rob you blind at gunpoint (you forgot that Officer Safety and his buddies all have at least two guns on them, a shotgun clipped to the dashboard and an M4 in the trunk – each), you start struggling and putting up a fuss about them stealing your cash…

You think Officer Safety won’t hesitate to taze you? Draw down on you? If you really put up a fuss about them robbing you blind, they might decide you’re a “danger” and shoot you. Of course, the DA will rule the shooting “justified” because you didn’t roll over and stick your hindquarters in the air while they had their way with you…

Welkom to Amerika, Comrade…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1