MB, when I say known drug dealer, I mean I had repeatedly arrested him for it. There was no suspicion. Just missed him having it that time.

Thanks to those who have made profiling bad, we are at the point that officers treat everyone the same, that way if it comes to court, they can say without lying and bring forth witnesses, I.ie., the people they’ve pulled over, that they have treated everybody the same. Asked the same questions, made the same requests.

I know when I was doing traffic stops, it was like I was reading off a script, every time. I still have audio recordings of this. That way there was no question of what I was saying.

Treating everyone the same? It is both good and bad, believe it or don’t.

For example, 78 year old granny gums with her expired license, by policy and state law I should have arrested and cited her for her offenses, towed and impounded the car, just like I did with the illegals. Why treat her different? Because she wasn’t a criminal. Did I ask her the same questions? Yup.

You may want to review the SCOTUS exceptions and exceptions to the 4th. And the RICO laws.