Your whole premise is based on a fraud. That being, the alleged “War on Drugs” that started way back in the late, great Depression and really caught fire during the Nixon Administration…

Guy driving a rental car, not doing anything wrong? That’s okay. Cop can legally just follow him around until he makes a driving boo-boo – maybe nicking the double yellow line – which gives him a dandy excuse to pull over Rental Car Guy.

After the “reason I pulled you over, sir”, exchange of license, rental agreement, running dudes identity, comes the “Mind if I search your car?” question.

If dude says “Yes, I mind”, it will be treated as automatically “suspicious” – enter “detaining” someone indefinitely, sniffer dogs (whose “alert posture” is most often a blank stare), and eventually some money is found, which is then taken.

If dude says “No” and some money is found, the cop will take it anyways. Rental Car Guy is screwed either way.

This just encourages Law Enforcement (emphasis on “force”) to commit armed robbery under color of law, since any alleged “drug money” will be used towards more militarized toys, overtime, padding the cops’ and DA’s budget…

I think cops should be prosecuted under RICO statutes by the FBI… why not? They operate like any organized crime syndicate. The DA encourages the cops to go out and “seize” property and cash, which is then funneled back into the cops’ budget – they literally get paid using ill-gotten loot and are protected by the DA who runs interference for them. How is this different from the Mob or any Mexican cartel?

How would YOU like it if I pulled you over at random, grabbed your Rolex off your wrist (while I had you “detained” in hand irons, sitting on the curb – “for your safety” of course, isn’t that the usual line of bullshit?) then told you “You need to prove you got this legally to get it back”…. problem is, you’re an only child and your father gave you that solid gold Rolex before he died as a birthday present… the receipt is long gone… good luck getting back your gold Rolex.

Meanwhile “Officer Safety” gets a nice shiny new watch… or else it’s sold at auction and the bucks go towards buying a new MRAP or some select fire M4’s or a few dozen more grenade launchers….

Biggest organized crime syndicate on the planet – cops.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1