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I think there are to many gray areas in the law. Like in every profession there are good and there bad. So when we pass laws that make it easier for the police to arrest drug dealers or any criminals it can make the laws easier for the bad police officers to use on the people.

This happen when the 911 we pasted many laws that we the people lost many of our constitutional rights for safety. But do they really make us all safer? Freedom has always had dangers that is why the founding fathers wrote the Constitution and why they have the 2nd Amendment.

Guns can be used for good or bad but just because they can be used for bad things we can’t band them because we would lose all freedoms. This is why all the new laws that give way to much power to the police and other government agencies needs to be repealed. The people need to take back the freedoms we have lost.

These laws are the same as taxes. You know when the government passes a new tax they never repeal them back. So the laws they have past on the people is a way for the government to slowly take our freedoms one step at a time which is the same way they have been trying to do gun control on us but it has not worked.

It has worked for them with taking our freedoms, every time there is a terrorist attack they will try to pass a new law to take more freedoms from us and the people will just sit back and let them since they think the government is doing it for there protection.