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74, they came close. A Sheriff’s Dept. Deputy who stopped me less than 2 miles from my house, but didn’t ask me about any cash. He was going up the mountain as I was going down it and we met going around a curve. The mountain is kind of steep and you have to ride your brakes down so I knew the issue was I had MA plates back then still being he couldn’t have gotten me on radar. Much of the drugs in this area come in from MA so I know he figured he had a drug dealer when he saw the MA plates. He wasn’t the brightest bulb because he somehow missed I was an old white guy driving a plane jane pickup truck with a bunch of trash in the back of it. The drug dealers that come up from Holyoke & Springfield MA are all black or Puerto Rican, none of them drive pickup trucks, and they’re either dead or in jail before they get to be my age. He doesn’t say anything about my speed but instead asks what I’m doing in town today and I tell him I own a home on the other side of the mountain. He asks if my address is current on my license, and I say yes, my legal address is in MA, this is a 2nd home. He then asks what’s my house # and I tell him the #, described the house (it’s slightly unique) and tell him the local landmark it’s next to. He then asks where am I headed. I tell him the dump, though the answer to that one was really obvious being you couldn’t miss the broken bird bath thing in the back. Then he says I was going a little fast and need to slow down. Didn’t ask about cash though. Once I got VT plates they stopped pulling me over for speeding. So that was my crime spree I suppose, driving with MA plates.