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If you are traveling to North Dakota and planning on staying any length of time, there are some things you need to think about. First thing to know, in a couple of months, it’s going to get very, very cold up here. We’re talking double digit below zero. So, you have to factor that into your prep’s. You also need to be aware of how to deal with the snow. You will need to have a good 4 X 4 vehicle, with snow tires, and chains.
Another thing to think about is to long term food and short term food. When I worked in the oil field, I regularly carried a minimum of 3 days worth of food in my lunch box. I also carried a multi-tool, and aspirin. I also carried a small duffle bag with 2 complete changes of clothes, spare boots, and extra socks. (that was just the summer bag). In the winter, I also carried a couple of wool blankets.
You might also want to read up on issues like ice fishing, making snow shelters, and winter survival. Believe me, every little bit helps when the snow starts to fly up here.