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I have read a number of articles on this topic and am amazed that it hasn’t risen to the Supreme Court yet in a challenge to it’s very constitutionality. I’m OK is there is a forfeiture of some sort as part of the penalty for committing a crime, but these people are not even being charged, let alone convicted, of a crime. How can it be constitutional that they pay a fine for a non-offense. A rich friend of mine always carries several thousand dollars on him just in case he needs some cash. I always keep $1,000 – $1,200 cash in my truck just in case I need cash and can’t get to an ATM or find myself stranded somewhere. I keep several thousand in cash in my home in case I wake up to a bank holiday one day, or the power is out regionally. It doesn’t seem to me that just because I might have about $5,000 in cash between my home and vehicle that I should be presumed to be a criminal.