As one who has seized dope dealers cash, let me say that there is more to it than is in the article.

And its less a revenue generator than one might expect.
But it is a way to drive dealers away.

Has it been misused in some places, yup.
But then so has eminent domain, and every other law/regulation.

But in this case, you are arresting the money until you can find evidence of either criminal activity or a reasonable reason for someone to possess it.

Three people in an out of state rent a car, with $30, 000 in the trunk? More than a little suspicious. Fact is, places like Memphis have a great deal of their heroin and other illegal narcotics picked up in Phoenix and driven back in just this maner.
So they choose people who have no record, are pillars of the community, or as was stated by a dope dealer on tv recently, they had a bible thumper drive, with his bible on the seat.

Yes there are people who roll around with cash, to buy heavy equipment and such, but they can both justify the carrying of the cash (cash sales get better deals) and can show where the money came from. Your dope dealers can’t.

You will also note that most cash seizures come out of heavy dope areas or border areas, smuggling cash back.