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Well if they plan a grid down it will not be pretty. I had my electricity go down yesterday at 8:00pm and FPL got here to fix it at 3:00am, it was bad. It is in the 90’s here in Miami, Florida so I tried to sleep, it was hot!

I will be doing a lot more prepping for a grid down now!!! Some of my prepping worked and some were NOT ready. So I learned a lot of things that I need to do.

My friends many will die, I now think that the number will be in the 90% without a problem. Last night showed me that it will be very bad. If this is ISIS plan well God gave me a warning yesterday. I also think that it showed how bad thing can get with the wife, you can say she is on board for me to prepare. She said you need to do whatever it takes to prepare if the grid goes down. Well now I have an open door to go full force to my goals.