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Hey does anyone here have a link to the state rankings?

Here’s perhaps the most up to date, but it fails M.B.’s test (and he makes good points)


17. Vermont
Right-to-Carry: 9
MSRs: 10
Class 3/NFA: 9
Castle Doctrine: 9
Miscellaneous: 7

Vermont’s ranking this year is likely to ruffle some feathers. While Vermont is a great state for gun owners by New England standards, it is not the pro-gun utopia plenty of folks purport it to be. Vermont essentially has an absence of firearm regulations, which is as it should be — “Vermont-style carry” is the goal of many states across the nation. However, If one looks deeper into the culture of the state, Vermont can’t measure up to some of its neighbors to the South and West. For starters, lack of suppressor ownership takes the state down a peg in the NFA category. A variety of shooting range protection statutes are on the books, but many residents who have relocated from neighboring states vocally resent the location of ranges that have been in operation for decades. Vermont’s “Act 250” growth-management statute can make range improvements difficult, if not impossible which puts ranges in peril. Finally, if you’re a Vermonter and want to visit nearby states besides New Hampshire, you must pass through a gauntlet of oppressive gun laws before you reach the freedom of the rest of the nation

Read more: http://www.gunsandammo.com/network-topics/culture-politics-network/best-states-for-gun-owners-2014/#ixzz3CaZirIzn

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