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Novus Ordo, it’s been a long time but back when my daughter was in 5th grade she won the school’s spelling bee. No certificate or recognition was forthcoming and we didn’t think anything of it. The following year she again won the school’s spelling bee, and again, no recognition. Shortly thereafter the school had it’s annual Field Day which is sort of a big picnic with lots of athletic type contests. She came home with a certificate for coming in 5th place in the long jump, and she was so very proud of that. I knew that the principal was a big fan of the company I worked for and so I sent him a letter saying that nobody was ever hired or promoted there based on their ability to jump but sometimes inability to spell did get in the way. He got the message and the next thing we knew my daughter was receiving an award from the School Board themselves at their next meeting. Alas, they subsequently dropped the Spelling Bee so as to not have “losers” who couldn’t spell. The Field Day competitions continued. She went to a private school starting in 7th grade.