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Novus Ordo, We have on this forum all types of opinions that maybe some will not agree with but that is what we all are fighting for “FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and the U. S. CONSTITUTION”. So to have all three we will always have opinions that some will not like or agree with.

That is the most important part about this forum and there will always be some that will have a hard time with this freedom. They have a problem with opinions that are not opinion that they agree with.

Everyone here knows that I have a problem with communism and will hit back on anyone that thinks it is a beautiful thing but what everyone needs to know is I still respect there freedom to there opinion. That doesn’t mean that I will not post some hardcore opinions about communism.

I think the first ones on the forum like 74, tweva, Malgus, Tolik, and Whirlibird understand this very well. If you study the old post you will see many time were they as a group had many disagreement on many subjects but all respect that freedom and so do I.