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For those of you that have been trying to figure out how to meet other like-minded folks, September 30th and ‘America’s Preparathon’ is a great opportunity for you. You just need to take a bit of initiative, and organize something around that day no matter how small. It could simply be handing out the little folded brochure you can download from the site somewhere – set up a card table outside a friendly small business? Think along those lines.

Our community trails group has hooked up with our little local fire department in the village and the church in the tiny hamlet just to our north. We have started giving our the flyer at every Saturday pancake breakfast and Sunday in the church (each of our group printed a number out on our own equipment at home). Included is a list of activities and assistance that is available to our neighbors from now until then. For example, the fire department will come out if you ask and check your place for fire hazards and your show you what brush may be needed to be cleared to help safeguard your home if a forest fire happens n your area (we have them and field fires a lot). We have about 1000 plastic milk jugs (empty) that we have gotten the community to help collect and give them out with new caps to anyone that calls (one of us will drop them at your house or even help frail or elderly to fill and store them). The church food pantry is offering delivery of a free day’s supply of food for a family of up to 4 for those who call to help some get started. (We had a canned food drive last month). The videos the govt has made available will be shown in both places the weekend before on big screen TV’s- and have kid and family activities scheduled for a few hours.

We’ve been meeting some interesting people and gained a few handfuls of new people of like mind into our group as a result; and, it’s helped us get to know more people with skills we weren’t aware of in our little area – and with equipment that would come in handy in an emergency situation here.

Something to think about. Enjoy the weekend.