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To add to Freedom’s suggestion – specifically the baseboard or toe kick board of your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. If you pull the drawers out or notice that the bottom of the cabinets are not actually on the floor/slab – that space underneath can be utilized and it’s a lot of space if you have a large kitchen. There’s usually at least 3-4 inches under the entire cabinet sections. How to modify – (1) cut or pry off the kickboard under the cabinet. (2) remove nails or screws. (3) install cabinet magnets under the cabinet base and metal holders to the kickboard. (4) Stack items, replace kickboard. Only the most observant will notice this and if you make it tight enough at the joints it won’t be noticed at all. Here’s a picture of a drawer made to fit the same space.


Second – top of cabinets if you have the fancy moulding up top. Buy some similar furniture grade door skin type material and cut to fit the very top of the moulding which will usually create a space underneath. Screw it down and put decorative pots, plants or other on top. From all appearances it looks like the factory did it and no one will think to look there.

Third – find a good location to mount a mirror or mirror/coat rack. Cut open the wall board a few inches smaller than the mirror so it’s completely hidden when the mirror is hung. Make some custom shelves. Here’s one that’s a custom unit that allows the mirror to “open”.


This site has many more ideas – http://www.stashvault.com/

Septic tank – I like that! Just like the gold bars they hid on “Klondike”…

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