WarpedRazorBack – Very early in WWII America went to Very Important Person in a foreign country and asked for his and his peoples help in defeating the Japanese. The folks did a great job of doing as asked.
At the end of WWII in the Pacific the Allies gave this country to the French. This country was Viet Nam. The VIP was Ho Chi Mein (sorry, my spelling sucks.)
This happened in many countries at the end of WWII. Countries were given to one of the Allies as spoils of war.
What you experienced in-country during your tour was also felt by many GI’s during the Viet Nam War. At one time it was tried, called “Hearts and Minds”, but was a half-assed effort.
If someone is walking around inside your compound make sure that person is not counting his steps. Would be a ***** to find out later he was getting information for a mortar attack!