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74, I have known of this happening for years, I think the FBI did too. The Castro’s have been in the spy biz since the Russians started teaching them all the tricks of spying. The Univerities are full of targets since so many left wing believers work there. These left wing believers think Cuba is a great country so when they get invited to travel there they jump. Once there the Cuban intel does there job with sex offers, money, more trips around Cuba, and many more little tricks to get them to work as spies for them. The Cuban intel is smart. We Cubans here in Miami are always on the look out for Cuban spies here since we have had Cuban right wing being killed here by the spies.

They are the reason that we know very well how communist work, even here they try to intimidate the Cubans here that talk down the one’s on the island.

In Cuba there are spies in every block that will tell on you for extra food supplies. Incredible but this is the way communist work so we all need to learn this. Do not tell on you neighbor for any reason because this is what they love the most to give incentives to the people to tell on each other. So one neighbor tells on you and you get mad and find something that you can tell on him to get back at him, well you just did what they want for everyone to tell on each other. It is a way of control of the people to have everyone tell on each other. I call it Communism at it’s best.