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No wonder I had the thought to check the forum. My ears were burning. I am alive and well but busy as he**! That time of year. Whirly, I haven’t packed my bags, but 74 and Matt are right. Like many I have limited time and have to watch the use of it.

This time of year is harvest time. Busy. Plus I own 2 retail stores and all retailers are stewing and trying to predict and get ready for the fall/(gasp) XMas season. Unh. The ‘public’ are a mess and so nervous/freaked – have never seen it this bad in 26 some years. Add in care of my elderly (often annoying) father? Puh.

Farm news: rice trial went well! We had an unusual amount of rain and cooler than normal summer weather here. that was nice. No I have to teach myself about threshing it (have done other grains but each has a few differences). Had derechio winds last week (straight line wind and rain). Took out 2 medium size trees and, sigh again, one enormous old oak tree I couldn’t even get my arms half way around. Broke a bunch of fence – wondering what to do about the enormous stump and pit it has created. More work (horses and cattle use the paddock it was in).

For now the fields are dragged and limed. Livestock is doing well. Most summer crops harvested and mostly canned or dried. Apples and remaining berries next up. Lettuce, kale, beets (for animals) are planted, up and growing. Oh, have four new additions to the family of four footed creatures here – see pics (you can see a mess of leaves/rubble in the top right of the one photo – that’s a far away view of the huge oak we tackle today. To say it doesn’t do it justice is a vast understatement.) Appaloosas and the big guy is half app/half thoroughbred.

Will try and post something for you all to think about before I go put on the gloves, hook up the log splitter and rustle up the big, big chain saw and wait for my blessed male friends to arrive. Thank goodness they love good coffee and home made ham and cheese biscuits – they are cheap dates/help!

Be well – I’ll post when I can.

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