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I know tweva was a little tired of the negative and was wanting more posts on actual survival and prepping. She is busy and doesn’t like to waste time on things she can’t control. I admit I get caught up in the news of the day posts a lot. One trend I have noticed that may be contributing to diminishing survival content is the people posting. Not that there is anything wrong with the people or their posts but the core group that posts has been here for a while. When we first started posting it was a buffet of ideas, suggestions and knowledge. We were all happy to share and we learned a lot from each other. I mean there are VOLUMES of info in the thread archives. As time passed and the posters didn’t change much, well in a sense we ran out of things to say about survival. You can only talk about ways to build a fire so many times or BOB load outs, knife preferences and all the other aspects of surviving. I know we haven’t covered everything but it would help a great deal if people other than the core group would post not just comment. Maybe some of the newcomers don’t have much experience and are afraid of looking foolish. Maybe some of them don’t want to tell their secrets. Who knows. All of you here have taught me a great deal. Your different points of view have helped me rethink and solidify my own views. For that I am forever greatful. Thank you. For you new folks, never be afraid to ask a question or share something you found. No one here is going to call you an idiot or try and embarrass you. We are a sort of family here and we help and look out for each other. You may get asked some pointy questions or get some strong opinions but we are all here to learn from each other. So throw it out there and see what comes out in the wash. The only dumb question is the one you didn’t ask.