Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Gypsy is currently off grid, so her not being here is understandable. As for the others, I’ve no clue. Some people just don’t bother with some forums after some time (I’m guilty of that), and some others just leave for whatever reasons they have, without notice.

There have been plenty that have posted a bit on here and then just never come back, and it is somewhat annoying since they do contribute some good stuff in there little time spent here, but we do have a pretty solid core group that is slowly expanding. Hopefully we’ll keep growing, even if it is slow, so that we can continue to share tips and ideas, and as well to just converse with people of similar mindsets.

But, it is still in the nice weather months, people could just be busy with life and prepping. Hopefully we will see some of the regulars who’ve left start coming back in the next couple months.

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