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chris.alaska, The truth is the(Global warming groups) where all sending emails by the 100’s telling each other to lie and coverup the truth. This was very well documented. You may want to call it political dude but the left have made it that way dude! They want everyone to think the world is ending when dude it is not! Also dude since the 1970’s these left wing global warming dudes have said that Florida was going under water in the year 2000 RIGHT DUDE! It’s not happening! The problem dude is that the scientific community is political so all the info you are reading is as bad or with more lies then Fox News is. The want green products and know the oil is run by the right.

Dude you say”you’re turning a practical scientific matter into a political matter.” How much more political is it that the president is a green backer of all these companies that the government has given tons of money and have lost it all. How much more political is it to have the president put his left wing global warming people in all the agencies that control all this data you are talking about? How much more political do you really want it to be. All the scientific agencies are run by these political groups including the U. N. Dude.

If you like to believe in the these government agencies then you must also believe in all of O’s lies. O does control all of these agencies, look at all the lies we have been feed by NSA, IRS, the Attorney General and the President.

The scientific community has less the 100 years of studies of global warming and for every study there is another one that contradicts the other. So dude believe what you like but I have not seen global warming here in South Florida for the last 55 years, we are still getting about the same weather, not much rise in the ocean ether.

So who is really the liers? Well the one’s that have been caught already! Liers do not change.