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Regardless of what the MSM pulls from the data – this picture and article speak the truth.


Guess this team got caught with their proverbial “theory shorts” down – if they had only prepared for the cyclic nature of the weather that’s been that way for eons maybe it wouldn’t have happened. But no – because they close mindedly believed that there was no way that they would have gotten frozen in will all this “truthful” data showing the extreme melting…

I’ve watched the Goracle’s movie and did my own research and my personal opinion is that the entire global warming/cooling/climate change/carbon footprint is one of the biggest wizard of oz tricks there has been and ever will be. Billions and billions have been made by mandating all these changes due to that greenhouse gas poison that the plants of the world just happen to thrive on. Does anyone realize how ridiculous it sounds to classify C02, something all human and animal life expel, as a detriment to the earth? Hell, with all the food shortages around the planet we need more carbon dioxide to facilitate plant growth.

Will the poles melt? Have no idea, but it was much less in the past when there was a prolonged warming stage. Otherwise, these guys wouldn’t have built these and been able to farm. The following cooling period chased them out.


Sounds like somewhat of a cycle to me.

Don’t get me wrong, if we can use solar instead of burining coal and it’s cheaper then I’m all about it – I’m just not going to drink the kool-aid because a bunch of unproven theories are tossed around by the big heads. Lord knows how many times they’ve been wrong since the creation (or should I say “appearance”) of mankind.

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