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Dude, you’re turning a practical scientific matter into a political matter. The methodology for measuring ice thickness doesn’t change, regardless of whether you are democrat, republican, or worship the flying spaghetti monster. That’s kind of the nice thing about science: it’s basic process is open to all, and is generally based on observable, measurable, and reproducible evidence. When you don’t agree with their data or their methodology, then collect your own data using your own methodology; just be prepared to defend both (which is standard in the scientific community).

I can’t speak for Al Gore or O (I assume you mean Obama), but then again I couldn’t care less about them because they are both crooked politicians. However, my dislike for them doesn’t change the fact that there is observable and measurable evidence that does show receding ice in the Arctic Ocean. Again, it’s not political… until you get to arguing over regulations and associated tax policies. At this point most folks toe their party line regardless of any facts. Humans are pretty predictable, which is good for political parties.

Back to my main gripe… you can count on the MSM to feed you B.S. Fox News is no different than any of them. If you want anything closely resembling scientific “truth”, you’re going to have to dig a lot deeper than MSM.