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ISIS is an idiot if they go after Russia. I don’t think they are that dumb. Most likely misinformation to further muddy the waters on “what’s ISIS gonna do next.” I think this is more of a ploy by Putin to gain respect from other world leaders. Putin wants an empire that the whole world follows. His buddy Kadyrov is a muslim according to the article, so he talks a bunch of trash to ISIS and can get away with it. Of course Putin will not let this guy fight his battles for him. No one is going to complain if ISIS gets wiped out. Putin lets Kadyrov stir the pot baiting ISIS to attack Russia. They blow something up in Russia killing a few people and bingo Putin has a legitimate excuse to flex his muscles further, make Obama look like even more of a fool, and is now savior of the world for ridding the world of these terrible monsters. Yeah I don’t buy it.