Yep agree Chris, but the problem with ISIS are not these beheadings that are pure PR stunts but that ISIS is really a cancer that is growing. They have lots of money now, a pretty large space where they can do whatever they want and about 20.000 people with foreign passports (last time I checked).

I believe swift action is needed. Announce that you are coming to the general public and roll through their “caliphate” and get rid of them. Lots of things went wrong when the US fought in Falluja (especially in the aftermath) but it did get rid of the bad guys.

Right now ISIS is the jihadi johns wet dream. He gets women, gets to play with guns and goes on the ultimate power trip (like Selco described what some people had once the law was gone). They can play god over there.

Once they are crushed and have faced a humiliating defeat, they will at least have less foreign jihad fighters willing to go over there. Right now the overall all inclusive package for radical muslims just looks too sweet…

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")