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undeRGRond, ” keep stacking Food, Water. Ammo, and so forth. I think it is time for more of the essentials, like the Food, Water, and physical preps. Medicinals and hardware, etc. Barter Goods…”

Yes brother keep on track, all will be good to barter and for feeding the friends and family that didn’t save.

feral hobbit, No I didn’t assume you were in the government take. Also I do believe in food stamps for the ones who really need them. If you are low on funds you stock up on rice and beans, rice last for ever if you keep the air out of it.

I personally know of a small family that is on food stamps because they really need it, they only have found part time jobs and have three kids. They where doing well before 2008, never had taken food stamps before that. I have told them of what is coming and they are getting rice and beans, small bags at a time. There storage is starting to grow so I am hopeful if the SHTF they will have food to live.

So nothing wrong in food stamps if you really are in need.