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i think all religion that have root from Abraham ( or Ibrahim )
are saying the same thing
that in the end time
there will be an “actor” that “act” like a christ
it has many name :
Anti Christ or Dajjal the False Messiah
he deceiving many people into believing that he is the real christ / jesus
he deceive many people that he bring heaven and hell with him
for us the believer, his heaven are the true hell
but his hell are heaven
( he can turn good become bad or bad look like good thing )
but in the end, his deception are broken
because the real christ are coming to this world
and kill him
this is part of the story of the bigger situation
yup… Armageddon or Malhamah Kubra
or The Great War
this war are soo great that bird will fall from the sky and change its color to white
the sky will covert by dust ( Dukhan )