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i think that’s not what happen with Rothschild
when Rothschild know that Napoleon defeated ( from his “informant” )
ke sell every bond he have
market “sees” what have done by Rothschild, and selling their position too
( maybe they think that English is losing the battle )
when the market crash to the point that bond or stock are just penny
from one perspective Rothschild now “broke”
but Rothschild have unusual move
he buy most of bond, stock ( that crash in value )
market still doesn’t have a clue about Rothschild “move”
the next day, “informant” from English gov arrived
and tell the public that English winning the battle
so market panic and going to re-buy what they previously sell
but of course… bond and stock price are climbing faster
so they ended up buying “expensive” bond and stock
but not with Rothschild
he have most of the bond and stock
so when he “release it slowly”
he ended up making substantial profit
this kind of “trick”
still use in practice today
( thank’s to HFT or High Freq Trading platform that can automate the sell and buy deal )
so when we see market crash
we know that market will rebound later
and they earn substantial profit…
or it is another “trick”
to avoiding delivering physical silver or gold ( or other commodity )
because the short position are “covered” with long buy