Well, matt76, I’m thinking that first establishing a foundation might be the way to go.

Before going onto future prophecy, setting a framework of understanding about how already fulfilled prophecy has worked out should be the pattern to understand how future prophecy with play out; ie, how literal, how allegorical, how symbolic the language used, were the prophecies.

Also, looking at the purpose of prophecy and how God uses this information given to us.

I might also have to address the objections that some have made over the years, such as the accusation that the prophecies were written after the events took place and are a fraud, or the issue that anyone can [and do] read whatever interpretation they want into prophecy so that it seems to say what they want it to say.

My position is that God gave us his Bible not to confuse us, but for us to understand what he is saying. Because of this I don’t believe that it means anything other than what he intends, and the real benefit of the Bible is to learn what that God means. Because of this I may have to spend some time talking about the origin of the Bible and it’s trustworthiness, because if it’s wrong then it isn’t trustworthy and the prophecies mean nothing reliable.

As can be seen, this would be a major work and is why I hesitated to get started on it. My training is fairly good on these subjects and I’ve spent some years in Bible college, but I’m not a theologian or expert [and theologians and experts are sometimes wrong, too]; I will do my best.

All this foundation stuff may be old hat to some who read what I may write and they may not need it, but I know that some who may read the posts may be quite unfamiliar with part or all of the subject, so I want to help everyone who puts in their time into reading those posts.

I think I’ll work on assembling some information together and post it in a new thread rather than as a continuation of this one. Each subsequent installment will likely be a new thread of a series, if we continue on that far, to allow each new part to be thoroughly discussed without the different installments getting confused.

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