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So that is why I say we need to make sure that gun control never happens here. They know that there will be 5 to 10 million gun owners that will fight a dictator type government.

It’s for this reason that all those who live by the constitution and the second amendment and who have guns must come to accept that the point of resisting isn’t when they come to take you away, but at the point when they come for the guns or pass laws that prevent people from having a level of firearms and ammunition with which they could defend themselves. In other words, the fight will have to come sooner rather that later.

Governments tend to use a slow rising of temperature approach instead of acting all at once, as they well understand the boiling frog analogy. A little bit of restriction here, a little more repressiveness there, and some people complain but everyone doesn’t want to act alone so nothing much happens. The following year TPTB introduce another restriction and the same cycle repeats. It seems almost that people won’t take action until the thugs arrive at the gate to seize the guns, but by then it will be too late to resist. This war won’t be won in a final Pyrrhic battle but in the political sphere, right now, to stop unamerican legislation. I have read in various places where people argue that they can’t get things changed in politics, and that’s rubbish. Things can be changed if enough people get committed and front up to fighting hard,

My thoughts aren’t worth much because I am a long way away, but it seems to me that constitutional believers ought to get organised and work together; the other side is certainly organised and is working hard to defeat you. The NRA is useful but more is needed, I think. Gun supporters under the second amendment should be having protest marches in state capitals and DC on a frequent basis, letting TPTB that you are a force to be reckoned with and will tolerate no more intrusions against the constitution, and existing unlawful intrusions must be repealed.

The state and federal legislatures is where the battle is happening; bringing force to bear on politicians, as well as showing them that support is going to be a lot better for them that opposition, are the keys to victory.

And I’m sorry to anyone who thinks my words are easy and cheap because I’m not there, but I get worked up about this; America pioneered the principle of a nation for the people and not for the elite, and I’d hate to see that taken away from you.

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