blockquote><div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>undeRGRönd wrote:</div>I prefer an M&P for a poly-gun, it has an inner metal frame that has a complete wrap, unlike a Glock or Springfield.

The frame insert does help, but its not the same as a lining insert that would/could contain and redirect the overpressure.

If you compare the poly guns, the M&P is good but the Steyr M9 and variants are better yet. Better frame insert, better slide rails, conventional rifling, metal mag, the list of improvements is almost staggering. The negative? Typical Steyr lack of advertising, lack of guns, the importer doesn’t get enough and doesn’t always kmow what’s coming.

But, I will highly recommend them, personal opinion, they’re the best of the poly guns for the money.

Want to spend a bit more?
H&K 45 and P30 are the tops.