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Great book! I read it over the weekend. A definite eye opener if you have any doubts as to how quickly and badly society can break down in SHTF event. It also gave some good insight on how long it might take to get help in this situation. One of the aspects of this book that altered my view point slightly was martial law. Say martial law around any conservative or prepper and the hackles immediately go up, myself included. Looking at martial law from a town leaders perspective as presented in this book give one pause. He is trying to save as many as he can with very little to work with. I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone but we can only hope martial law is carried out on a local level as depicted in this book. There many topics in this book that most people may have not thought about. One that hit close to home for me was romantic relationships that developed. I have 2 daughters who still think boy have coodies but I know the inevitable bite of the love bug is not too far in their future. I had never even considered stocking up on birth control for them. Stressful circumstances draw people together for comfort. It would be a big misstep on my part if don’t take this into consideration. Read this book. It will make you look at your plans again.