Leafcutter and army ants in central america….

These guys, when they find some good eats, literally build something like an interstate highway… multiple lanes going one way, multiple lanes going the other way. They will strip an entire tree in less than a day. It’s pretty cool to watch… swarms of ants going one way, swarms of ants carrying loot going the other way carrying chunks of leaves…

Army ants don’t send a scout. They send a leaderless mob. You can tell something is up when they’re hunting because things start leaving – going the other way – as fast as possible. The locals don’t mind the ants, because they will enter a house and clean it of every bug, then leave… but if the ants target something you care about – a family pet or a small baby in a crib – then there’s a problem. These guys are relentless, and there’s millions of them in a group… their hunting parties are called “raids”, which is appropriate…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1