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MountainBiker, Yes to a point! Many do not understand what they are giving up. But what I am talking about is that when the SHTF time and they want to totally control the people even the ones that let it happen will not like being controlled. Look at the many times they have rioted for the police trying to control them, these are the depended group on the government, the left wingers that like it all given to them but if you try to totally control them they will fight back. They like the to eat the cake but do not take there freedoms away. I am not saying that all food stamp people are like this, many really need the help, but there are many that just like taking what they can get for free.

O wanted a military police, he was giving them many military gear for free, so what happen when they used it on the riots, O came out against it now. It is a hard balance because a military police can also go against the government and they can use the military gear.

I have posted many time that this will not be easy for the government to take total control, many agencies will turn on them, they do not know who to trust.

MountainBiker one thing that you are right 100% is that the government will keep taking freedoms away from us in the next attack or also in the next gun shooting, they want gun control. Thank God we have the 2nd Amendment and many groups that defend it.