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feral hobbit, The post question is “My question to the whole community, is when (if ever), should you follow government advice/orders during a disaster, and when should you just pack up and do your own thing?”

So I do not think we are going off topic.

I understand what you are saying and know that you agree with a lot of what I am saying. I come from a background of my family living in a communist country so this is were I get my info from. Food is the way they control the people but in a large population like the U. S. it will be harder to do. The government will first have to take control of all food production which has been done before in other counties that have gone the communist way. The problem is when they do this the farmers become less productive so less food is produced and more people end up going hungry.

Many will die. But remember that this system has never been done in a country were there are 100 million gun owners with more them 300 million + guns. Every country that food control happen the government had gun control set up way before they had control of food and there people.

So that is why I say we need to make sure that gun control never happens here. They know that there will be 5 to 10 million gun owners that will fight a dictator type government.

Apart from the 10 million gun owners they also know that there are millions of guns that they do not know about from gangs, criminals, and good gun owners that have built there own guns. This freedom we have here is why it is so hard for them to take control of the people.

Now they will keep trying. Food stamps is one way, make as many depended on the government as they can and when the SHTF control them with as small amount of food. They do not like preppers since we will not need the government.

So the more the people are prepared and armed the harder it will be for the government to take control.