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Believe me I do, I have been in the buying and selling of silver since 1970 when I was in high school and in the 80’s it went to $50 then went down again to the $5 an oz. Right now it has been going down from where it was, price today is $19.45 it was over $25, so the same is happening with gold right now at $1,287. Sure when a SHTF gold will hit big but you will see at a point where no one will be buying. Food will be king.

But for now the dollar is up till the collapse. Remember gold and silver will be for the end of the SHTF so you will have the means to build up again but during the SHTF there maybe no use for silver or gold. I will not give up any of my supplies for it. It is a way to hold to some wealth for when the SHTF is over. Hey copper, brass are also metals that will hold wealth too because they will be needed.