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Tolik wrote:
… I do believe China and Russia have our demise planned on the economic front . This may be part of that chess game , who knows .

The F’ed Reserve (no typo) has had our (U$A’s) demise planned since 1913. The exponentially increasing banknote scheme, which trends each note’s value towards ZERO, insures this. It might be soon, (this year) or in the next 2 after that (O’s “lame duck term”) or with the next POTUS, or shall I call it POS-o-TUS?

Russia and China stand to lose too much at this point, so that scenario says LATER.
“O” stands to lose a LOT if the Repubix take over in the next election, so that says SOONER.
If “O” want to stay in there past 8 years, it suggests a crash after November, and before Nov. 2016, or at least before Jan 20, 2017…

Is anybody ready for a “bank holiday” tomorrow??? Typical TPTB playbook calls for it on a holiday weekend.?!

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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