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Well since the 1970’s I have read in the news about the end of the petro dollar but it has not happened. There are many reasons, gold goes up but it also goes down just as fast, so does silver, in the 1970’s I sold an oz of silver for $50 and then one year later it went to $5 an oz. So for now the dollar is king. The Chinese are still not interested in there money being petro, the same goes for the Russians. The Russians want gold but you have to be very careful with gold since it’s value is not by what you can make with it so it can go down. The same goes for silver, when there is a big economy many things are made with silver but if there is a collapse we will see no use for silver till the economies of the world pick up again and product are made with silver.

So as of now the dollar is king. Remember how many years you have been reading this end to the petro dollar, 10, 20, 30, 40, maybe more. Has not happen.