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ronym, Nuclear will not happen in a Russia or China against the U. S., NEVER! The only nuclear maybe a dirty bomb in a city that is it. They may use a nuclear bomb as an EMP. Nuclear will not work for the other side. We will use our nuclear weapons on them too and that would be the end of the elites too, even if they were to go underground they would have to live underground for ever, not there plan.

Bio virus yes because the elites may have the vaccine or an EMP, these two ways are the best for the elites. The elites want all the riches(gold, silver, oil, gas, land, properties). Radiation would kill all the riches and that is what they want. Also the elites what control of the people for cheap labor, they are not interested in killing eveyone because they still need cheap labor. But control of the people is great for them and owning all the riches of the Earth.